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Before arrival

Make sure you have packed all the necessary documents such as travel ticket, insurance documents, any medical records and contact details of your university, relatives and friends.

There will be a Mentor, also known as Buddy, who will help you to deal with all practical issues during your stay in a new country.

Foreign Relations Office is located at Słowackiego 55 Street. People who work there will be happy to help you with every difficulty you might encounter. This office will also be in touch with your home university in order to issue all necessary documents, answer any questions which apply to you as well inform them about the progress you make.

Racibórz – Location and nature  

Raciborz is an attractive and historical town of about 50,000 inhabitants, situated in the upper Odra River basin, at the Moravian Gate, not far away from the border with Czech Republic. This Upper Silesian centre, with its rich historical heritage, has been for ages heavily influenced by Polish, Czech – Moravian and German cultures. Raciborz is an important railway and road hub. Here are the roads that run through the town: Katowice – Bielsko- Biała – Rybnik – Racibórz – Klodzko , Opole – Raciborz – Ostrava and Gliwice- Raciborz- Opava-Olomuniec. Moreover, the town is a significant railway junction with the following lines: Ostrava – Raciborz – Rybnik – Katowice, , Ostrava – Raciborz – Kedzierzyn-Kozle – Opole, and Raciborz – Glubczyce. There is first – category border crossing checkpoint in Chalupki. There are also minor local border crossing points like Pietraszyn – Sudice, Chalupki – Silherovice, Tworkow – Hat, Boleslaw – Pist, Krzanowice – Chuchelna, and Krzanowice – Strahovice. Apart from that, Raciborz is about 45 kilometers from an international airport in Ostrava and approximately 90 kilometres from an international airport in Katowice – Pyrzowice.


About the State Higher Vocational School (the College of Professional Studies) in Raciborz

The study at the State Higher Vocational School in Raciborz lasts for 3 and/or 3,5 years. The graduates of all specializations obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in vocational studies. Moreover, graduates of Automation and Robotics, as well as Architecture receive an Engineer’s Degree. The diploma enables them to take up an employment in the trained specializations and/or continue a Master’s Degree studies at the universities. According to the general trends in most specializations offered in the world, our students receive both the basic and the additional specialty, which provides more opportunities with regard to the labor market.  It is essential to point out that full-time students at our school do not pay a tuition fee.

Additionally, it is mandatory to underline that our school organizes various thematic camps, workshops, artistic events and open-air affairs in many interesting cities both in Poland and abroad. There are various scientific and educational associations established and working at our school, such as: the Polish Pedagogical Association, the Polish Association of Physical Education, the European University.


Main building with Rectorate, didactic rooms and labs is located at Juliusza Slowackiego 55. It is a part of the campus where you can also find a swimming pool, gymnastic rooms, café and a dormitory with 50 rooms and 150 beds, equipped in a sanitary unit and a shower. Each room has an access to the Internet, which is free of charge.

Another building is situated at ul. Lwowska 9. This is a place, where Art Education courses take place.  In this building you can find sculpting studio, darkroom and mosaic studio where students develop their skills and interests.

Students of Architectural studies attend for their classes to another building, which is situated at ul. Łąkowa 31.


The dormitory is located in direct neighbourhood  of our college.  Students who live there can use parking places which are lightened and monitored. There are single, double and triple rooms available. All rooms have an Internet connection and cable TV (paid).

Students’ life

Student Council is a  representative body of all students of State Higher Vocational School in Racibórz.  Its aim is to care about students’ matters, mediate between students and authorities, as well as organise events such as ‘Juwenalia’ and any other social and charity events.


There is Students’ Sport Association at our School. Its aim is to promote the importance of fitness and physical education among students and to encourage them to take up sports and other forms of physical activity.