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address:  ul. Słowackiego 55, 47-400 Racibórz, Poland

phone number: 0048 32 415 50 20 / 130



The Architectural Studies program at PWSZ Racibórz lasts seven semesters. After successful completion of the course, our students are awarded an engineer’s degree – the equivalent of a Bachelor of Science degree – which certifies their ability to solve a wide range of architectural design problems independently. Among many subjects taught during the Architectural Studies program, special emphasis is placed on practical design classes, offering a great variety of architectural design tasks related to both small scale and large scale building design, such as designing a detached house, an apartment building or a building designated for public use.

These classes are supported by the Introduction to Design course, the main goal of which is to teach the basics of visual composition and to enable students to design a number of abstract architectural structures. The Architectural Studies program also teaches a wide range of subjects which include architectural design norms, the history of architecture and descriptive geometry. From day one, our students are taught both practical and academic skills and their drawing and abstract visual composition skills are assessed. Our students have been awarded prestigious prizes in international architecture competitions and their activities add a touch of dynamism and positive energy to the atmosphere of the local area. The Architectural Studies program prepares our students for graduate study in architecture at any university in Poland or abroad, with the high quality of their diploma projects proving that they are well prepared for their future career.

dr Andrzej Widota (konsultacje: dr Rachael Sumner)