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address:  ul. Słowackiego 55, 47-400 Racibórz, Poland

phone number: 0048 32 415 50 20 / 160



The Institute of Education in Visual Arts at the State Higher Vocational School in Racibórz provides full-time and part-time studies in the following specialisations:

  • artistic creation and graphic design
  • interior design
  • digital imaging and photography
  • painting techniques and stained-glass design.

The main emphasis is placed on developing specific skills and practical abilities: our graduates learn how to design  business cards, calendars or logos, use light in photography, develop  photographs, cut glass and create stained glass using a lead seam, and design and create ornamental motifs using the mosaic technique. Our graduates are also able to paint an icon and gild its background, make a plaster form from a clay model and create its plaster positive, or arrange a functional and aesthetic interior. These skills can also be practiced during practical training sessions in design studios, ateliers etc. Furthermore, our students acquire the ability to teach art at primary school level. Our staff consists of experienced and active artists who exhibit their  works in public. Our Institute also employs teachers working at other universities and cultural institutions. 

dr Jacek Molęda (konsultacje: dr Rachael Sumner)


The course in resocialisation pedagogics prepares undergraduates for the position of educational specialist in resocialisation, school counsellor, probation officer, extracurricular tutor, youth outreach worker or family liaison officer.

Studies in the field of primary education (with a foreign language specialisation or specialisation in pedagogical therapy) enable our students to obtain the necessary qualifications to act as an educator, a foreign language teacher at preschool or early primary level, or a educational therapist.

Studies in the field of speech and language therapy and educational therapy enable undergraduates to obtain qualifications in school speech and language therapy and in educational/pedagogical therapy. Our graduates are qualified to work as speech and language therapists and to organise  classes in corrective and compensatory therapy, sociotherapeutic classes and educational classes at preschool and primary school level.

The knowledge, skills and competences gained enable our graduates to work in nurseries, children’s clubs, community centres, educational centres, pedagogical therapy clinics and speech and language therapy clinics.

  Studies in the pedagogics of adult care and education lead to qualifications for working with the elderly: a profession with a future, bearing in mind our ageing society.  Achieving qualifications as an educator for the elderly and specialising in  geragogy  enables our students to find employment in a variety of institutions which provide support for senior citizens. An additional advantage of our programme is its practical profile: the studies are aimed at ensuring a high level of professional competence. Activities realised during the course of study are carried out in conditions relevant to a given range of professional activities and allow for hands on practice by students. Moreover, these classes are taught by teachers with many years of professional experience and academic achievements.

dr Jacek Molęda (konsultacje: dr Rachael Sumner)