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The Institute of Modern Language Studies is one of the most significant and dynamically developing Institutes at the State Higher Vocational School in Racibórz. It consists of three departments: English Studies, German Studies and Slavonic Studies


After the first year, students of English and German choose one of the following specializations: teacher training, translation studies or business English/German. Following their first term, students of Slavonic philology choose either Czech or Russian Studies. The Institute of Modern Language Studies has well-qualified and experienced research staff, and the high quality of academic work which is carried out within the Institute meets the needs of both students and the market place. The Institute cooperates intensely with the outside community: local governments, educational institutions, and regional foundations and associations. This provision of high quality education is also based on the development and implementation of the programme of practical studies,  which enables students of philology to achieve the required range of skills and knowledge. The studies end with final examinations and the graduates are awarded the Bachelor of Arts degree. The Institute of Modern Language Studies has also developed ERASMUS cooperation with universities from abroad, where students gain unforgettable experience, develop foreign language communication skills and learn about the cultures of foreign countries, which might prove beneficial to their future careers.