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Students of The Institute of Physical Education participate in the activities of the Academic Sports Association, winning medals and achieving renown for the State Higher Vocational School in Racibórz as a result.

address:  ul. Słowackiego 55, 47-400 Racibórz, Poland

phone number: 0048 32 415 50 20 / 176



The Institute of Physical Education provides education in the following specialisations:

  • Personal Trainer (our graduates are qualified to work in institutions providing personal training services such as fitness clubs, sports and recreation centres, hotels and wellness centres, as well as running their own businesses
  • Kinesiotherapy for the Elderly (this course prepares our graduates to independently plan and conduct physical, preventive  and therapeutic activities for the elderly)
  • Instructor/Trainer (graduates are qualified to work as instructors or trainers in selected sports disciplines)
  • Wellness (this course enables our students to become a wellness coach)
  • Resocialisation Pedagogics (graduates are qualified to work with troubled children and young people)
  • Corrective and Compensatory Gymnastics (graduates are qualified to work with children in the correction of posture)

Tourism and Leisure Studies is a popular and challenging programme that introduces students to the expanding world of tourism and leisure. The programme adopts a multi-disciplinary perspective in examining the growth, patterns and problems of tourist and leisure activity as well as considering related planning and management strategies and methods.

dr Jacek Molęda (konsultacje: dr Rachael Sumner)