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address:  ul. Słowackiego 55, 47-400 Racibórz, Poland

phone number: 0048 32 415 50 20 / 130



Our graduates of Administrative Studies achieve a specific skill set which enables them to solve complex problems requiring a considerable level of expertise. Owing to the study programme, which has been positively evaluated by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, they are well prepared to undertake a variety of professional activities, demonstrating perseverance in the implementation of both individual and team oriented tasks in the area of administration. The practical administrative study programme corresponds to modern educational standards. A high quality of education is guaranteed by the structure of the programme, the dominant role of practical classes and workshops in the process of education, and excellent research and teaching staff, consisting largely of experienced specialists.

dr Jacek Molęda (konsultacje: dr Rachael Sumner)


The National Security Studies program at PWSZ Racibórz offers two specialities: Socio-economic Safety and Political and Military Security. The National Security Studies program is our response to the rapidly growing need for qualified personnel in the region of Silesia. Our students gain the knowledge and professional skills necessary to work as national security planning officials and specialists within the environmental/ spatial dimensions of security. The overall objective of this undergraduate program is to educate national security and public administration personnel specialising in security, response team work and crisis management.

dr Andrzej Widota (konsultacje: dr Rachael Sumner)