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address:  ul. Słowackiego 55, 47-400 Racibórz, Poland

phone number: 0048 32 415 50 20 / 146




The Automation and Robotics program offers training in two specialties: Industrial Automation and Programmable Logic Controllers. Our ambition is to make academic excellence our hallmark. Bearing in mind the constantly growing market and the growing needs of the industry, we aim to keep up with the latest developments in the field. We invest in knowledge and experience: our teaching staff includes highly qualified specialists who have rich practical experience of working outside our institute. Our laboratories are equipped with the types of modern equipment, systems and software which our graduates are likely to encounter in their future careers. Recently, the Institute of Automation and Robotics has purchased a 3D printer. This device gives students the opportunity to make their own prototypes, machine parts or housings which they will go on to use when preparing their engineering projects.

dr Andrzej Widota (konsultacje: dr Rachael Sumner)